Cinema Censorship

One of our recurrent research topics is film censorship, or the century-long debate on the free circulation of cinema, often resulting in the banning, cutting, suppression of funds, and the limiting of access to film for the public.

Black and white picture of a man superimposed with a red stamp that reads "Censored"

Recent Examples of Research

In the Summer of 2020, Brian McIlroy published an essay on Early Film Censorship in British Columbia, Canada, in BC Studies. The essay is entitled The Rise of Film Censorship and Regulation of Picture-Houses in British Columbia, 1910-1915.

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In the Fall of 2020, Ernest Mathijs co-organized the conference Screening Censorship with Daniel Biltereyst (Ghent University) and the Film Festival of Ghent, , on interventions in the volatile historical relationship between films and the cultures in which they exist, and the desire to control that relationship.

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