The Centre for Cinema Studies aims to advance the scholarly study of cinema and affiliated media cultures in all their diversity, at the University of British Columbia and on the local, national, and global scene.

Photo of a projector by Alex Litvin
The scholarly study of cinema and media has become a key academic discipline in the social sciences and humanities. Scholars at the University of British Columbia have stood at the vanguard of these developments, helping to shape a field that is becoming increasingly relevant to the world.
The Centre for Cinema Studies has the following objectives:
  1. to promote and facilitate original research into film and film culture that contributes to the wider understanding of its role in society;
  2. to provide a platform for interdisciplinary academic discussions that involve cinema in all its facets;
  3. to encourage, and be a prime venue for, the national and international exchange of esteemed doctoral, and postdoctoral film researchers;
  4. to be a welcoming host for, and play an active part in, the organization of academic forums that further peer debate, communication, and networks;
  5. to play a custodian role in developing a wide range of accessible resources and tools for the study of film and film related materials (such as the Visual Resources Centre)
  6. to establish an archival collection for the preservation and study of film and film related materials.
  7. to promote active collaborations and joint research initiatives into the study of film culture;
  8. to stimulate, and actively participate in, the dissemination of results of research to the public;
  9. to offer expert advice and consultation for policy purposes concerning film culture.