The Centre’s activities aim to be a crossroads for the academic discussion of film, with emphasis on the engagement in debate and exchange of ideas. Throughout the year, we organize seminars, workshops and visiting lectures.

Picture of a person watching a movie in the theatre by Karen Zhao
In 2020, Dr. Mila Zuo organized the film symposium, Cinema and the End of the World. It consisted of three invited presentations and an exclusive screening. They explored the relationship between current thought on environmentalist activism, Indigenous and First Nations genre filmmaking and theories of utopia and dystopia. Speakers included Salma Monani (Gettysburg College), Leilani Nishime (University of Washington) and Jeff Barnaby (Director of Blood Quantum and Rhymes for Young Ghouls).
In 2019, Prof. Ernest Mathijs organized the speaker series, New Takes on Film Industries. It consisted of guest speakers who shared ideas on new trends in the Canadian and North American media industries. Speakers included Judith Rosenbaum (University of Maine), Paula Devonshire (Producer of Indian Horse, Ginger Snaps and Diary of the Dead), Sook-Yin Lee (Director of Octavio Is Dead!), and Nyla Innuksuk (Co-writer of Kajutaijuq, Director of Future History and Slash/Back).

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