Past Visiting Scholars

Nyla Innuksuk

Nyla Innuksuk (Producer, Writer and Director; Visiting Scholar January-May 2019) researched opportunities for First Nations story development and Virtual Reality media production, in preparation for Slash/Back.

Alexia Kannas

Dr. Alexia Kannas (Lecturer in Cinema Studies, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia; Visiting Scholar November-December 2019) researched the Visual Resources Centre for information on Classical Hollywood Acting and Italian Giallo films.

Susan Lord

Dr. Susan Lord (Professor of Film and Media, Queen’s University, Kingston ON; Visiting Scholar October 2016 – May 2017) researched Vancouver archives to explore the social ecology of vulnerable media, esp. those produced by women and indigenous collectives.

Jenna Ng

Dr. Jenna Ng examined the function of machinima, films shown in virtual worlds, or media suspended in between game, image, avatar and our selves, during her stay at the Centre.

Miguel Olid

Dr. Miguel Olid researched Spanish/Canadian co-productions, and the distribution of Spanish cinema abroad during his stay at the Centre.

Alexander Pavlov

Dr. Alexander Pavlov researched cult cinema’s transnationalism during his stay at the Centre.

Angela Piccini

Angela Piccini studied representations of archaeological heritage in factual screen media contextualized by the 2010 Olympic Games.

Murray Pomerance

Murray Pomerance conducted research on cinematic representations of early applications of electricity while visiting the Centre.

Tomáš Pospíšil

Tomáš Pospíšil was a visiting scholar in June-August 2007, and August 2010.

Judith Rosenbaum

Dr. Judith Rosenbaum (Associate Professor in Communication, University of Maine, US; Visiting Scholar March 2019) researched networks of social media activism and the public sphere, focusing on local political movements.