Past Visiting Scholars

Joyleen Christensen

Dr. Joyleen Christensen (Lecturer in Film and Literature, University of Newcastle, Australia; Visiting Scholar July-December 2015) researched popular culture, in particular, celebrity and fan cultures in film, television, and music.

Robyn Citizen

Robyn Citizen‘s research examined the functions of blackness in the reflexive construction of Japanese identities in Japanese cinema.

Rebecca Coyle

Dr. Rebecca Coyle was researching the on-screen presence of Bowen Island, and the soundscapes of Baz Luhrmann and The Jetsons during her stay at the Centre.

Addendum: The Centre was saddened to receive news of Rebecca’s death in November 2012. A memorial scholarship was installed in her name, at Southern Cross University:

Joost De Bruyn

Dr. Joost De Bruyn (Associate Professor in Media and Communications, Victorias University of Wellington, October-November 2017) was with the Centre to explore research in digital media as part of the ‘Digital Cinema in Transition’ project.

María del Mar Grandío

Dr. María del Mar Grandío studied new ways of television fiction production on online platforms in Canada during her stay at the Centre.

Paula Devonshire

Paula Devonshire (Producer, Ginger Snaps, Diary of the Dead, Clarice, Indian Horse; Visiting Scholar March 2019) explored opportunities for BC-based TV-production, internships, and liaisons with the Cinema and Media Studies graduate program.

Philip Drake

Dr. Philip Drake researched the reception and political economy of Hollywood’s operations in Canada during his stay at the Centre.

Catherine Griff

Catherine Griff (Swinburne University) explored how creators of screen fiction engage with their audiences, including case studies of high profile Australian producers and interviews with Canadian digital media creators.

Leon Gurevitch

Dr. Leon Gurevitch (Associate Professor in Media Design, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand; Visiting Scholar March-April 2015), connected with faculty at UBC to set up collaborations around visual effects.

Steffen Hantke

Dr. Steffen Hantke researched representations of the Cold War during his stay at the Centre.